Minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi apologises to Kiveidindha Kivejinja

The State Minister for Youth and children affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi has apologized to the second Deputy Prime Minister, Kirunda Kivejinja over last week’s incident during the launching of the National Youth Policy.

Kivejinja was booed by angry youth who turned rowdy and blocked the launch of the policy, claiming that key stakeholders had not been invited to the event.

The agitated youth went wild saying the event had been taken up by ‘old people’ leaving them aside.

Now Minister Nakiwala has faulted the organizers of the function for failing to involve youth leaders.

Nakiwala says formulation of the National Youth Policy is one of the greatest achievements of the Ministry and has promised to do all that is in her capacity to mobilize the youth and give them the mandate to re-organize and launch the policy.