Minister attacks Trump

The Minister of State for Environment, Sam Cheptoris, has described as misleading a statement by United States President Elect Donald Trump, who said that Climate Change is a hoax.

Speaking to Uganda’s negotiating team of the Uganda delegation minister Cheptoris said countries that are least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions are the ones most affected by climate change.

He said the impact of Global Warming is being felt across eco-systems in Uganda, evidenced by the disappearance of glacier on the Rwenzori Mountains from 7.5 square kilometers in 1906 to 1.5 square kilometers in 2006.

He called for concerted effort and support to be able to address this challenge.

Meanwhile the minister, who represented the President at the conference, told a high level meeting of Heads of State that Uganda’s priority interventions on Climate Change will focus on renewable energy, climate smart agriculture, forestry, wetlands restoration, among others.