Minister Amongi pinned for stealing Asian land

By Ruth Anderah. 

The Minister for Lands Betty Amongi has been pinned before the Land probe for grabbing property belonging to departed Asian valued at shs 5 billion.

TashakPartel filed his complaint beforethe Land probe and today he testified  that before  the expulsion of Indian nationals, his grandparents were the registered  proprietors of plot 29 on Acacia avenue which was later entrusted to the Departed Asian custodian board .

He said upon his family’s  return in 1995, his mother MandakiniManubaiPartel re-possessed the said property and having appointed  him as  care -taker  of the property , he decided to rent it  out to a telecom company -Midcom Ltd.

In December 2017, Partelsays he received a letter from a company called AMOBET investments Ltd asking his Asian family  to vacate the property as it had been reverted back to government.
He says a thorough check -up at the registrar of companies revealed that minister Amongi owns 66% of AMOBET company and the remaining 44% belongs to a one Cate Odongo.