Meeting on bail law kicks off

The meeting between government and a team of legal experts has kicked off.

The meeting aimed at fast tracking the drafting of the proposed anti-bail law is being chaired by the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi at his private office in Nakasero along Akii Bua Road.

Some of the gov’t officials attending the closed meeting are the former and current Attorney Generals Dr. Kiddu Makubuya and Peter Nyombi, Loca Government Minister Adolf Mwesige, ┬áplus some members of the Uganda Law Society.

Today’s meeting marks the beginning of the drafting of the proposed law, before it is submitted to the parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee for scrutiny, ahead of a full house debate.

The law that has sparked heated debate in various flora aims at denying suspected rapists, rioters and economic saboteurs bail until they have served atleast six months in prison.

Story By Osman Patricia