Mbarara district CAO granted bail

By Ruth Anderah.

Mbarara district CAO Felix Cuthbert Esoku and his three co-accused persons who were charged yesterday over corruption offences have been granted bail this afternoon by Anti-corruption court sitting in Kololo.

They have been ordered to pay a cash bail of 5 million shillings, 3 million and 2 million shillings respectively considering their ranks.

Esoku the Chief Administrative Officer was jointly charged with Godlive Nayebare, Emmanuel Himbisa a both senior land management officers and a senior Human Resource officer /clerk to council Mbarara local government Rosalia Karuhanga.

After granting them bail the presinding magistrate AbertAsiimwe ordered them to return to court on April 1st 2019 as police completes its investigations.

Prosecution states that the CAO Felix Cuthbert Esokuand colleagues between the period of 23rd February 2016 and 10th January 2018 at Mbarara district local government, processed and caused the leasing of plot 5B located at Mbarara Municipal council to a one Charles Ngabirano knowing that the said land did not belong to Mbarara district local government.

They are also accused of subdividing and received payment for development of land comprised on several plots on Kamukuzi road in Mbarara municipality without authorization from Uganda Land Commission.