Mbale municipal council authorities plot to eliminate stray dogs loitering in town


The public health department in conjunction with the veterinary department Mbale municipal council have set a four day programme of eliminating stray dogs that are loitering in town.

Charles Wandera the health principal inspector Mbale municipal council says the move which starts today follows the surging number of stray dogs roaming in town.

The dogs are common in the suburbs of Nkoma, Namatala, industrial area and Mbale town.

Wandera said most of the dogs are not immunized which puts the lives of residents  at risk of contracting rabies in case they are bitten by stray dogs.

Without specifying the number of stray dogs ,Wandera says they are many and cases of dog bites have become so common in Mbale town. He said in April this year they recorded 16 cases while this month they have so far noted eleven cases.

“We are going to kill all dogs that are loitering in town because we have received numerous complaints from residents, and when you move around you will not miss to see a dog or “herds” of dogs.

He said they are targeting the dogs which do not have owners.