Mbabazi To Sue Government Over Withdrawn Car

The mysterious disappearance of the official vehicle of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi continues to raise eyebrows.

The black Pajero registration number UG 0534Z has been in the possession of the former premier since he was sacked in 2014.

Sources close to Mbabazi have intimated that the car was stealthily taken from one of his drivers and that the former premier is considering challenging the action through court.

Although government is still reluctant to comment on the matter, Media Centre Deputy Executive Director Col Shaban Bantariza says that Mbabazi has no claim over the car since he already left office.

The laws of Uganda provide for generous benefits such as; a fully furnished house, chauffeur-driven cars, health insurance, and security guards in addition to, an education allowance for up to four biological children.

This is not the first such case involving former leaders’ emoluments, former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya also cried foul over government’s failure to accord him his legitimate emoluments.

Story By Moses Kyeyune