Maureen Kyalya to run for president in 2021


Former presidential candidate, Maureen Kyalya has expressed her interest in running again for the country’s top most job.

Kyalya made the revelation a telephone interview with Daily Monitor.

She says she will run under her political party which she intends to register before July this year.

When she last contested in 2016, Kyalya managed only 40,000 votes representing 0.4% of the total votes cast.

President Museveni won the race with 5.6 million votes representing over 60%, followed by FDC’s Dr Kiiza Besigye who garnered 3.2 million votes representing 35.37 in the controversial election.

Kyalya becomes the second person to make public their intentions after Bobi Wine exclusively last week told Daily Monitor that he and his team had resolved to challenge President Museveni in the 2021 elections.

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