Margaret Nantongo Zziwa wants her EALA seat back

Former Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly Margaret Nantongo Zziwa wants the incumbent Daniel Kidega evicted from office, following her battle in the East African Court of Justice.

The court early this month delivered a judgment in the case in which Zziwa was challenging her removal from office, declining to grant the orders to reinstate her to the position of Speaker.

The Court also declined to grant her orders on damages in form of loss of earnings of a salary of USD 6,700 per month and housing allowance of USD 3,000 per month, plus other allowances and financial benefits.

It however declared that the sitting of the Assembly on 26th November 2014 presided over by a temporary Speaker, contrary to the Treaty and the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly was unlawful and violated Article 56 of the Treaty.

Now, while addressing a news conference in Kampala this morning, Zziwa, said she wants to resume business and serve for the remaining four months.

The current EALA term ends in June this year with new members expected to be elected by March.