Mao urges for support on election financing law

By Moses Ndhaye.

The Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has asked politicians to support the proposal to enact a law that will regulate election financing in the country.

He says such a law would give chance to Ugandans to participate in politics.

Mao was officiating at the launch of a report titled “unregulated campaign spending and its impact on electoral participants in Uganda”, from a study conducted by the Alliance for Election Campaign Finance Monitoring.

The report indicates that someone who wishes to contest for a Member of Parliament seat, they require between Shs 500 million and 600 million shillings.

The report further reveals that, for a person to contest for a District Chairperson seat, they require up to 300 million – 500 million shillings, which Mao says is bound to lock out the majority of would-be candidates.

The report also shows that majority of politicians who lose at election ends up auctioning their properties to pay back huge campaign debts and others ends in jail after failing to pay back the loans.