Mao blasts FDC for eating IPOd money but snubbing summit meetings

By Damali Mukhaye.

The chairperson of the inter party organization for democracy Norbert Mao has blasted the opposition forum for democratic change for always taking the money from the IPOD finders  but snubs the meetings.

Opening the second  IPOD summit in Entebbe, Map says that the all the five parties in the Summit are receiving 1 billion from the Netherlands institute for multi party democracy including the FDC which has not turned up again.

He says that the party officials have consistently been stubborn and keep boycotting the summits yet they are benefiting from the fundings, asserting that this is not good for the country.

He says that FDC should change their mind set of thinking that sitting with president Museveni would water down their image and start attending the summits.

FDC did not attend the summit because they feel that the issues they have solved have not been implemented hence they can not attend the meeting.

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