Man who accuses a Bishop of eating his genitals further remanded

By Ruth Anderah

A man who accuses a Bishop of stealing and eating his genitals has further been remanded to Luzira prison by the Makindye Chief Magistrate’s Court.

Joseph Mukasa Kato accuses Bishop Patrick Makumbi of Gospel Healing Centre Lweza of being a fraudster who concocts miracles.

Grade One Magistrate Allan Gakyaalo has now fixed Kato’s case for hearing for 6th July 2017 and ordered Bishop Makumbi to come along with his witnesses.

On 5th June 2017, Mukasa a resident of Kalagala in Kiboga district was charged with defamation of the Bishop, a charge he has since denied.

Prosecution led by Happiness Ainebyona states that between February and March 2017 while speaking on various local Radio and Television stations within Kampala, Mukasa uttered statements to the effect that Bishop Makumbi had stolen and eaten his genitals.

These statements, according to prosecution were made with an intention of ridiculing and defaming the profession of Bishop Makumbi within the minds of right thinking members of society.


Kato has had no sureties to stand for him and this left no choice for the presiding magistrate but to further remand him until 6th July 2017.


Kato’s relatives had declared him missing 2 weeks ago only to learn that he had been sent to jail over defamation.