Man strangles son to death in a domestic fight


A 29 year old man in Alebtong district has strangled his three year old son to death during a domestic fight.

Johnson Ogwok, the area local council one, Arwot ‘A’ Vilage, Acede Parish, Awei sub county in Alebtong district said Bonny Omoo on Saturday evening started a quarrel with his wife Harriet Omoo, something that brewed in to a fight.

Ogwok told Daily Monitor on Sunday morning that before Omoo strangled his son Moses Ocen to death, he had beaten both the wife and the son, something that prompted the wife to take off, leaving him with the son.

“Omoo at first had beaten both the wife and the son; he turned against the son after his wife flew home. I got the report that the child was dead but we didn’t know the cause until we called on the police who later revealed to us that the child was strangled to death.” Said Ogwok

“He is a popular trouble causer, he had chased two women before the current wife took off, now this time he turned his anger against the son that ended in strangling him to death” Ogwok maintained.

David Drazo, officer in charge Awei police post confirmed the incident saying the suspect has been arrested and being is been transferred to Alebtong Central police station.

Drazo said the Omoo has been charged with murder.