Man Stabbed To Death Over 2GB Memory Card

In Dokolo district in Northern Uganda, a 25 year-old man has been stabbed to death following a dispute over a 2GB memory card.

Caesar Okello was stabbed in the neck by his friend Isaac Okabo during a scuffle over a 2GB memory card.

The incident occurred at around 6pm on Saturday in Ageni B, Ageni parish, Okwongodul Sub County in Dokolo district.

Bosco Ogwang the chairman Ageni trading center where the duo had been drinking says the two failed to identify their respective cards leading to a fight.

Ogwang said that during the fight, Okabo pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed Okello to death.

He later tried to escape but residents overpowered him. He was then handed over to police who are currently detaining him at Aburawak police post.

The DPC of Dokolo Aminsi Kayondo confirmed the incident.

Kayondo said that the police will carry out community policing as one way of combating crime in the community.