Man kills colleague for smoking cigarettes close to him

By Simon Peter Emwamu

Police in Amuria is holding a man who allegedly killed a colleague for smoking a cigarette next to him.

According to Richard Eriau, the Amuria District Police Commander, the incident happened at Wera trading center, along Moroto road.

He says Stephen Ojulong first warned the deceased identified as Asuman Amenu that he was uncomfortable with him smoking close to him.

When the deceased refused to heed to the warning, the suspect then picked a huge stick hitting Amenu into coma.

The deceased was rushed to Soroti Regional Referral hospital where he died on arrival.

Residents say Ojulong is known for his total dislike for passive smoke and that he had on several occasions confronted several people over smoking next to him.

Although the tobacco control bill was passed in 2016, it is yet to be fully implemented.