Man sentenced to community service for trying to forcefully inherit uncle’s widow

By Denis Opoka

Kitgum grade one Magistrate has sentenced a 29-year old man to one month community service for forcefully attempting to inherit his uncle’s wife.

Paul Obuya, the grade one magistrate sentenced Denis Omara after he was found guilty of attempting to forcefully inherit 34 –year old Betty Aloyo, wife to his late maternal uncle.

Court heard that on the 15th May 2019, from Tangi Agoro Village, Labongo Amida Sub County in Kitgum District, the accused went to the house of the complainant and asked for bath soap, when he didn’t get it, he instead got a machete and a knife threatening to kill her if she refused to be his wife.

This prompted the widow to make an alarm and was rescued by the mother of the accused who then reported the matter to the area LC1 and police.

Magistrate Obuya said since Omara has been very remorseful throughout the trail and has been on remand for four months, he will now serve a one-month community service.

The community services will be done within the court premises for two hours daily.