Man hacks crime preventer to death

Police in Kabale is hunting for a suspect who assaulted the step brother to death and escaped.

Ndyababasa Varant cut John Byomuhangi, 23 years old, a crime preventer in the head with an axe and later died in  Mbarara  hospital he eas rushed

The incident occurred at Kasiru village Butanda  sub-county Kabale district .

According to the Kigezi region police spokesperson, Elly Matte the deceased  had a simple mis-understanding  with the suspect hence cutting him.

He explained the incident to provocative residents who became violent, burnt four houses with properties inside worth millions of shillings and cut a banana plantation belonging to  Girigori Bitarabeho the father of the suspect.

The search for the suspect is still on for the murder suspect.