Man gets 25 years in prison for impregnating, infecting 12-year old daughter with HIV

By Ruth Anderah 

A father has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment after being convicted for defiling his 12-year old biological daughter, getting her pregnant and infecting her with HIV.

Peterson Musoke was convicted for aggravated defilement by Kampala High Court Judge Flavia Angelin Senoga.

While sentencing him, Justice Senoga ruled that cases of aggravated defilement are on the increase and that people like Musoke should be incarcerated to protect the vulnerable children.

The judge further ruled that if Musoke can defile and infect his own daughter, then other young girls are also in danger if he is set free.

She also wondered if Musoke was able to repeatedly defile his own daughter while their mother was alive, then what will stop him from abusing them more freely while left him in his care without their mother who is now deceased.

Justice Senoga has further ruled that Musoke should be kept away for that long because by the time he comes out, his children including the young daughters will be grown up and able to defend themselves from him.

Prosecution states that between the month of September and October 2016 at Gotta village, Gombe sub county in Wakiso district, the convict repeatedly defiled his own daughter making her pregnant and infecting her with AIDS.