MUK student claims to have invented a new advanced tear gas

Makerere university student who claimed to have invented tear gas has manufactured a new advanced project of tear gas.

Samuel Mugarura, a student of chemistry and botany was thrust in public limelight in September when he blasted what he called a home made tear gas canister.

Speaking to journalists in Kajjansi, at kintende primary school ground where he has demonstrated the new project ,mugarula says that he has improved on the vibrancy and coloring.

He explains that he has recruited a team of 5 team including an It specialist to design the web site, field assistant, legal advisor and his class mates who understands chemistry.

He says President Museveni asked him to go back and present his full project the first time they met in October but up to date,he is told that the president is busy.

He however says that with the help of government or not, they are determined to take up the project to the next level.