M7 IN LAW TO UGANDANS: Recognise & Appreciate Museveni first family sacrifices

First son-in-law Odrek Rwabogo wonders why Ugandans fail to recognise and appreciate the sacrifices the Museveni First family is making towards Uganda.

First was the Father, Yoweri Museveni who started sacrificing for Uganda as early the 60s and even more so in 1985 when he went to the bush to fight off Obote & Amin dictatorships. He has sacrificed to lead the country for 30 years and counting.

Gen Salim Saleh, the President’s brother, with bullet scars allover the body, has also never been appreciated by Ugandans for the sacrifice he has made for this country. He is currently sacrificing by serving as Presidential Advisor on military matters.

Then the President’s wife, Janet Kataha Museveni who sacrificed the comfort and instead accepted the Karamoja ministerial post that had been rejected, and seen by some as a demotion.

“The First Lady could be riding high [elsewhere] but she is making sacrifices fighting for [construction of] dams in Karamoja”, he says.

The son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, he says would have preferred to be elsewhere other than in the army like his age-mates. Like most in the family, sacrifice came calling, he is serving as commander of elite Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) unit, Special Forces Command (SFC).

As for Rwabogo, whenever you see Uganda’s capital, Kampala listed on CNN’s weather forecasts, its he who lobbied to have it there through his TERP Consult ahead of the 2007 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Chogm) summit. TERP was contracted to run a six-month media, publicity and advertising campaign before Chogm at Shs 3.8bn.

Fast forward to 2015, and instead of Ugandans celebrating his yet other sacrifice of running for the post of NRM vice chairman, western region, some Ugandans are not happy.

Perhaps they forget that he is a successful businessman, employing hundreds of Ugandans. He is coming into politics not for money but to show Ugandan youths the “hope and opportunity” that the Museveni’s sacrifices have availed to the country.

The Observer