M7 hits back at judges, defends MPs tenure extension

By Ritah Kemigisa.

President Yoweri Museveni has defended the proposal for extension of the legislator’s tenure from five to seven years that was annulled by judges recently in Mbale.

All the five justices of the constitutional court in their ruling quashed the extension and declared it null and void.

Speaking from South Africa where he was attending the BRICS summit, Museveni criticized the judges of spending more time on form and procedure and not substance.

According to Museveni the 5 years are not enough since a lot of time is spent on electioneering hence little focus is put on development.

Unlike the judge’s majority ruling that there was no wide consultations before the act was amended, Museveni says there was open participation by millions.

Museveni adds that judges are not the ones in charge of the country insisting that as the ruling party they will harmonize and galvanize their position.