M7 directs MOW not to borrow money for the construction of the Kampala- Jinja Expressway

By Ritah Kemigisa.

President Museveni has ordered the Ministry of Works to drop the idea of borrowing money to finance the construction of the Kampala- Jinja Expressway.

Uganda National Roads Authority recently completed the public opening of bid qualifications for companies that had expressed interest in the construction of the 95km road that is to be developed through a public-private partnership (PPP).

The road is expected to cost $1 billion or an equivalent of Shillings 3.4 trillion.

Recently MPs protested the delayed construction of this road and also questioned the decision by government to opt for public private partnership.

However, in a September 18 letter to the Works Minister, Eng. Monica Ntege Azuba, Museveni says he has ruled out external borrowing except for railway, electricity, Oil and tourism roads and some aspects of education, health and education.

Museveni meanwhile says a Chinese company, China Railway 17th Bureau Group are ready to build the road using their own money and recover their money through road tolls and as such gov’t will not borrow.

He has directed that the Chinese company be allowed to make its presentations and proposals.