Lukwago, Mpuuga arrested

Police at the Constitutional Square

The City Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago has been arrested by the police as he left his home in Wakaliga.

Lukwago is part of the 4GC group that has planned to launch a walk to freedom campaign and a rally to be held at the constitutional square which the police say is illegal and will not be allowed to be blocked.

Meanwhile the group’s Coordinator Mathias Mpuuga has also been arrested as he left his home and is currently being held at Kiira Road Police Station.

In Kansagati, at the home of the FDC leader Dr. Kkiza Besigye, the police are heavily deployed but he has not yet left his house.

The police have advised members of the opposition who are planning to hold rally at the Constitutional Square today to reschedule their meeting to another venue and date after independence celebrations.

The For God and my Country pressure group have announced plans to resume their walk campaign, this time under a new name, Walk to Freedom in commemoration of the country’s Golden Jubilee.

According to their plans they intend to visit the new taxi park, Kafumbe Mukasa road and later a rally to be held at the Constitutional Square.

The deputy police spokes person Vincent Ssekatte says as the country prepares to mark 50 years of independence, such meetings and demonstrations cannot be allowed to disrupt peace and security in the city.

Ssekatte adds that the planned rally also worsens the current terror threats.