Lukwago backs Kamya on demolition of city illegal buildings

By Damali Mukhaye.

The lord mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwango has barked the directive by the minister of Kampala Betty Kamya to halt the demolition of over 500 illegal city buildings.

During the packed council meeting at City Hall, Lukwago demanded that a comprehensive probe be made to ascertain how Kampala Capital City Authority earmarked the buildings before demolishing them.

The resolution to bark Kamya  was caused by an uproar from affected landlords who have since denied erecting buildings illegally, with Lukwago arguing  that it was out of order for KCCA to embark on such a ‘sensitive’ exercise without heeding the lawful procedures.

KCCA directed for the demolition of 532 illegal buildings in the city center, but Kamya halted the pending demolition, arguing that a harmonization meeting between city leaders and affected landlords be held first to discuss the matter