Lukwago arrested and taken Kira police station

City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been arrested and taken to Kira Police Station.

He was this morning picked up from his home at Wakaliga in Rubaga Division as he attempted to leave and join a procession to the Constitution Square for the launch of the KCCA elected leaders’ anti-age limit campaign.

The campaign code-named “Togibikula” is a meant to express their strong opposition to the ongoing debate on the lifting of the current 75 age limit for presidential candidates.

Others that had been expected to take part in the procession were the city councilors but they have all been blocked by the police from their respective homes.

At Makerere University, some student leaders have been arrested by police as they attempted to leave the halls of residence to take part in a procession to the constitution square in solidarity with the anti-age limit campaigners.

The students have been dispersed by anti-riot police.

Meanwhile at the Forum for Democratic Change Office in Najjanankumbi the police is heavily deployed and access to the premises is only limited to security personnel.

And at Constitution Square and parliament where the political activists are expected to deliver a petition to the Speaker there is heavy police and military deployment.