LRA Commander Ongwen’s Pre-trial Underway At The Hague

The International Criminal Court (ICC) Pretrial of former LRA commander Dominic Ongwen kicked off on Thursday afternoon at The Hague.
Ongwen faces 70 charges related to his conduct as a rebel commander between July 2002 and 2005.
10 of the 70 charges against him were filed on confidential basis by prosecution due to security risks and protection issues.
2,026 victims have been recognized to participate in confirmation of charges hearing.
Prosecution led by Chang-ho Chung is still reading out the charges against the accused. Ongwen is represented by Crispus Ayena.
Meanwhile more people have turned up for the live telecast of the pre-trial session at Lukodi parish Bungatira Sub County in Gulu district where Ongwen is said to have committed the atrocities.
In a related development, Farmers’ Party Presidential Candidate Gen. Benon Biraro has defended the NRA, now UPDF on allegations of committing atrocities within Acholi Sub-region.
More than 200 people are alleged to have been massacred at Bucooro in Paicho Sub-County, Gulu District in 1990 by President Museveni’s then NRA soldiers while over 50 others were killed by then NRA’s 35th Battalion in Namokora Sub-county Kitgum District in August 1986.
While Addressing journalists at Northern Uganda Media Club in Gulu town, Gen Biraro said the ongoing allegations have no proof to pin UPDF.
Biraaro said he does not have any clues of any atrocities committed by soldiers against civilians in the country.
Asked whether he will investigate the massacre claims once elected to office as President, Gen. Biraro said a Unity government will be formed and a mechanism for reconciliation will be put in places.

Story By Hadijah Mwanje