Lord Mayor Lukwago concerned over KCCA enforcement team powers

The lord mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwango has raised concern over the excessive power the authority enforcement team has been using to handle vendors while evicting them from the streets.

This follows a video of the enforcement team Mishandling a mother of two while evicting her from the streets that has gone viral.

Speaking during the Council meeting Lukwago says Iam shocked when i watched the video of the woman being tortured and mishandled with her children, dragging her to a van that belongs to KCCA.

He says the woman is currently remanded in luzira for trading on the streets without a permit asserting that something should be done to help her out.
He explains that the enforcement team is supposed to carry out it’s work without using excessive force but rather to make people comply.

“Kcca leaders should come out with laws that govern the enforcement team because the public have a mistrust in KCCA actions”