Legal fraternity joins efforts to save Ugandans

Mao 2

As the families of the two executed Ugandans mourn the death of their dear ones, the legal fraternity is in process to exploit all legal avenues to rescue the remaining victims.

The Democratic Party president Norbert Mao also a member of legal fraternity, tells KFM that he is yet to contact the president Uganda Law Society, to seek a solution.

He explains that this problem affects all Ugandans regardless of political affiliation, thus all organs must coordinate to rescue these Ugandans.

Meanwhile Government is asked to do more to save the remaining Ugandans at risk of execution in China.

The call comes from Busiro East MP Medard Lubega Seggona following the execution of two Ugandans convicted of drug trafficking.

Seggona insists that they were unfairly tried since they were not allowed legal representation and were tried in the Chinese language.

He says the Chinese government should exercise restraint on the remaining Ugandans facing the same fate.

He adds that the Buganda caucus intends to seek audience with the Chinese ambassador and if that fails, they will pitch camp at the embassy and mourn.

In response, government has hired the services of professional counselors for families of the Ugandans executed in China recently.

This has been revealed by the foreign affairs ministry spokesperson Fred Opolot after 39 year old Ham Andrew NgobiĀ and Omar Ddamulira were hanged for trafficking illicit drugs.

Opolot adds that the two governments are in talks for the possible signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the release of some Ugandans.

He however adds that those already convicted may not be saved.

In Guangzhou province alone 53 Ugandans are detained with most of them serving life sentences, 5 on death row, while others are serving 13-15 years for drug trafficking.