Legal experts want Land Tribunals informalised

By Ritah Kemgisa.

The Legal Aid Service Providers Network has underscored the need to informalize the land tribunal so that dispute resolution is made easier.

According to the Network’s Executive Director Sylvia Namubiru, linking the land tribunal to the informal justice system will help to avoid re-trials that come with those that intend to slow the process of justice.

Namubiru says there is need to also facilitate these tribunals with enough resources so that they easily visit areas faced by disputes  and land grabbing.

She also recommends that local languages be used so that indigenous people including those without lawyers can understand can understand the law.

Earlier, the land commission of inquiry did recommend that the district Land Tribunals are re-established.

While appearing before the land commission last week the Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga told premier recommended that powers be  given to the district tribunals

In 2006 these tribunals were suspended due to lack of funds by government and the time, over 6000 cases were pending adjudication.