Latest: The Luyima brothers & three others convicted, One acquitted

High Court Judge Alfonse Owiny-Dollo has acquitted Yahaya Suleiman Mbuthia of the offence of terrorism saying prosecution had failed to adduce any evidence against him.

The judge noted that even though he is a brother to Habib Suleiman Njoroge and SleimanHijarNyamandondo there is no evidence linking him to the crimes.

Earlier on court found guilty two Kenyans Hassan Hussein Agade and Idris Magondu and a Ugandan Isa Ahmed Luyiima of committing terrorism.

Hassan Haruna Luyima one of the convicted
Hassan Haruna Luyima one of the convicted (Michael O’Hagan)

The reading of the 2010 terror case verdict is still going on.

Court is now analyzingHabib Suleiman Njoroge’s case.

Earlier, the Judge struck the charge of belonging to a terror organization from 12 of the 13 suspects because Al-Shabab was not listed as a terror org in Ugandan legislation at the time of commission of crime.

The judge also said that prosecution failed to prove that the suspects belong to Al Shabab terrorist organization.

13 men are accused of participating in detonating bombs at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds and Ethiopian Village Restaurant at Kabalagala on July 11th2010 targeting soccer fans who were watching the Football World Cup finals.

The twin bombings left over 70 people dead and scores of others maimed.