Kumi District Further Split

Kumi District LC5 council has approved the creation of another county amidst opposition from a section of local leaders.

Once passed by parliament this would bring the number of counties in Kumi district to two.

Kumi MP Patrick Amuriat says some NRM leaders in Kumi had already begun using the creation of the county for wooing support for themselves and the party’s president ahead of coming general campaigns.

During the deliberation over the new county at the district chambers, the councilors went rowdy prompting the speaker, Victor Opeede to indefinitely suspend proceedings of the council to allow tempers from either sides cool.

The proposed county, to be curved out of Kanyumu and Mukongoro Sub Counties respectively has a population of about 50,000 people and would have its offices at Kanyumu sub county offices headquarters, about ten kilometers from Kumi town.