Kiwanda dragged to court over miss curvy

By Ruth Andera.

Tourism State minister Godfrey Kiwanda has been taken to court over his Miss Curvy Contest project.

A concerned citizen Gideon Tugume says Miss curvy event is discriminative, degrading and shameful to our culture and heritage as a nation.

Kiwanda was sued along with a one Anne Mungoma and Miss Curvy Uganda all defendants in this case.

Tugume says on February 5th  2019, the defendants together with others mobilized women and girls and addressed the media of their intention to hold miss curvy  in Uganda in the months of June 2019 against Uganda’s culture of women respect, laws and dignity.

He asserts that currently there is no law and guidelines under which such event of miss curvy competitions can be held.

His now seeking for orders that the defendants to be personally charged, an apology by Kiwanda to the nation through the media and an order directing the three from not to hold the intended miss sex curvy or miss curvy pageant anywhere in Uganda.

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