Kitatta denied bail by the General Court Martial

By Ruth Anderah.

The General Court Martial has  dismissed a second bail application filed by jailed Boda-Boda 2010 patron Abdullah Kitatta.

The seven members chaired by Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti has unanimously ruled that Kitatta being  the NRM chairman of Lubaga division and a  leader of Uganda Drivers and cyclists association, he is most likely to interfere  with witnesses.

The court has also ruled that Kitatta has led no proof to the effect that  his alleged grave illness cannot be managed/ treated  on remand by  doctors at Makindye police Military barracks .

kitatta was arrested on January 20th 2018 by officials from CMI on charges of unlawful possession of firearms, ammunition and Military gear.

since then his attempts to be freed on bail have proved futile as the Army court keeps on rejecting his pleas for bail.

in his dismissed bail applications, Kitatta says his health is in jeopardy because  Doctors at  Luzira prison where he was first remanded advised him to investigate and urgently  carry out special medical tests for a grave -illness,  something he says he has not yet  done for the last ten  months.

This court has found his sureties to be  substantial but due to the grave nature of his offenses that attract a maximum penalty of death, he has been denied bail.

He has therefore  been remanded back at Makindye Millitary police Barracks until the November 13th  for further hearing of his case.

This has angered his family and friends who had come to welcome him back from prison and vowed not to set foot at court again.