Kigongo Wife reach agreement

NRM Chairman Alhajji Moses Kigongo and his wife Olive Kigongo have agreed to appoint an independent valuer for the multi-billion estate of Mosa courts apartments in Kololo.


In a closed mediation session held before principal judge Yorokamu Bamwine, the parties also agreed to have an independent auditor to review their businesses and Bank accounts in Barclays, standard Chartered and Bank of Baroda and report back to Court on April 8th 2015.


Earlier on March 3rd this year Justice Bamwine convinced the couple to amicably resolve their issues to avoid embarrassment.


Olive Kigongo petitioned court claiming she is entitled to 15 % shares of Mosa courts having been married and co-owning the same with Hajji Kigongo for over 20 years.


However, in his response Hajji Kigongo denies ever being married Olive and rubbished her move to share his wealth.