Kibuku district have petitioned ministry of disaster Preparedness

Kibuku district leadership has petitioned ministry of disaster Preparedness, Relief and Refugees for immediate relief food supply to the district for the people who are starving and are at risk of death

In a letter dated Nov 25 2016, the district chairperson Charles Kadyama states that the lack of food is likely to worsen due to the prolonged dry spell.

The Most affected sub-counties are Kabweri, Kasasira, Bulangira, Kibuku,Tirinyi, Kdama, Buseta and Kirika.

In response, the state minister for relief and refugees Musa Ecweru, accompanied to the district by state minister for local government, Jennipher Namuyangu, have appealed to the people of Kibuku not to sell and misuse the available food as the country is in total food crisis.

The two ministers were speaking to the leaders of Kibuku district during their fact finding mission to assess the food situation in the district.