KFM’s end of year top 30 countdown

1.    Your Love by Niki Minaj
2.    Billionaire by Travie McCoy
3.    I got a feeling by Black Eyed Peas.
4.    Hold my Hand by Sean Paul
5.    Try sleeping with a broken heart by Alicia Keys
6.    Sign of victory by R. Kelly
7.    Yesterday by Toni Braxton
8.    I wanna know what love is by Mariah Carey
9.    Ameria by Dr. Hilderman.
10.    One and only by Cindy
11.    Mr. Money by Bobi Wine.
12.    Omupalula by Fantom Lovin’s
13.    My Miss by Coco finger
14.    Remember by Bebe Cool
15.    Taxi Money by Goodlyfe ft Sizza.
16.    Kakana by BLU 3 ft GNL Zamba
17.    Gotta Letta by Issac Blackman
18.    I love you by Goodlyfe.
19.    Mr. Matama by Henry Tigan ft Dr. Hilderman
20.    Hold you by Gyptian
21.    Oja by Peter Miles ft Juliana
22.    Fall in Love by D’Banj.
23.    Letting Go by Sean Kingston ft Niki Minaj.
24.    Rude boy by Rihanna.
25.    Love the way you lie by Eminem ft Rihanna.
26.    Gypsy by Shakira.
27.    One more night by Busy Signal.
28.    Whatcha say by Jason Derulo.
29.    Pick me by Justin Bieber.
30.    DJ got us falling in love by Usher ft Pitbull