Kenyan Supreme Court nullifies election of Uhuru Kenyatta

In an unprecedented move, the Supreme Court of Kenya has today ruled that Uhuru Kenyatta is not the validly elected president of the Republic of Kenya.

Kenyan law makers have described the Supreme Court’s invalidation of Kenyatta’s presidency as an Indictment of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, which declared Kenyatta winner.

Raila Odinga with part of his legal team

The petition filed by NASA candidate Raila Odinga in the aftermath of the August 8th polls hinged on three issues:  whether elections were conducted in accordance with the laws, whether there were Irregularities and illegalities during the whole process and the Integrity of the process.

While reading the determination, The Chief Justice David Maraga said that these four out of six judges agreed that these irregularities affected the integrity of the whole process. One judge was indisposed.

Elections will be held within 60 days in accordance with Kenya’s electoral laws.