Kenya releases traders’ goods

Kacita chairman, Everest Kayondo

Kacita chairman, Everest Kayondo

Kenya has yielded to pressure from Ugandan authorities to release withheld goods at the Mombasa port.

Traders can now collect their containers from Mombasa port after the Kenyan authorities accepted to release the over 100 containers, after Kenya Revenue Authority asked the traders to pay all the tax dues upfront.

The chairman of Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA), Everest Kayondo says the Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Ports Authority have finally agreed to let traders pick their commodities.

Kayondo also tasked the traders to start using alternative routes like the Dar es Salaam port to import their goods, given the negative reception there.

Last week, the traders gave Kenyan authorities a 14-day ultimatum to release the 400,000 containers or they would boycott Mombasa port and opt for Dar es Salaam.

The ultimatum came hot on the heels of a warning by President Museveni to Kenya that he would block the country’s goods from entering Uganda if KRA did not stop blocking Uganda exports from entering Kenya.