KCCA Numbering System Flops

Kampala Capital City Authority will have to delay the Post Code and Addressing System project it launched early this month.

This is after residents of Muyenga where the system was meant to kick start disputed the proposed house numbering system.

KCCA launched the project aiming to formalize and improve location accessibility and directions in the city.

It will also enable Kampala city to be connected on the Global Positioning System (GPS).
The authority proposed Muyenga an elite Kampala suburb to be the project pilot hub before it is rolled out to other parts of the city.

However, during a village meeting, residents in Muyenga faulted the KCCA proposed charge for each post code plate to be allotted to a house.

They argued that the amount was exorbitant and the plates’ quality was lacking in material.
KCCA proposed that each resident pays a Shs55, 000 fees before a code and plate is allocated.

Omar Yasin, the Muyenga B village chairman observed that whereas they were ready to engage and support the project, they are opposed to the KCCA suggested project implementation proposal.

He said that even when KCCA started numbering houses, they started in the middle of the villages leaving out some roads and streets.