KCCA deny Minister Kamya facilitation for training of councilors in kyakwanzi

By Damali mukhaye.

The Kampala Capital City Authority council has directed the Executive Director of the authority not to fund Betty kamya’s training of Councillors in kyakwanzi since it is not organized by the authority.

Minister Betty kamya wrote to the ED Musisi Jenifer Musisi asking for 125 million shillings to facilitate 218 Councillors for a leadership training in kyakwanzi which attracted reactions that she wants to brain wash them to accept the age limit amendment bill.

Speaking during the KCCA council meeting at city hall,Councillors insisted that KCCA should not fund this selfish event using tax payees money since kyakwanzi is known as a training ground for NRM leaders asserting that Councillors going should go on individual basis.

The lord mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago called for the vote with 21 Councillors voting in favor of not funding the training while 6 declining to vote.