KCCA ED Jenipher Musisi suspends Private companies collecting garbage in the city.

The Executive Director of  Kampala capital city authority Jenipher Musisi  has finally recalled the suspension of operation by Private companies collecting garbage in the city.

KCCA had issued a directive  halting the operation of over 70 private companies collecting and transporting garbage from city dwellers claiming that they were not registered and didn’t add up to standard something which called private companies to protest insisting that the directive had no legal basis.

KCCA had also indicated that  it had screened the capacity of all the 80 companies collecting waste in the city and okayed only 3 including Nabugabo up Deal, Home Clean and Kampala Solid Waste Management Consortium hence all the rest were required to stop operation by yesterday (1st Feb).

Meanwhile, Musisi says they have decided to extend the grace period for three months up to 31st March so that all companies continue to work as they assess their capacity and legal documentation in line with the required standards to collection of garbage.