Kaweesi murder suspects to be subjected to an independent medical examination

By Ruth Anderah:

High court judge Margret Oguli-Oumo has ordered that the 19 people arrested in connection to the murder of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi be immediately subjected to an independent medical examination.

Justice Oguli has ordered that the African Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of torture victims carries out the examination and furnishes court with a report detailing the name, age, diagnostic method, findings and recommendations of the doctor in respect to each suspect within two weeks starting today.

The judge expressed doubt as to whether the doctors at Luzira prison where the suspects have been incarcerated for three months can file an independent medical report with court.

The  judge  has  explained in her ruling that she has had the opportunity to see the suspects entering  court where some of them walk with support of sticks  which they never had  on arrest  and thus concluding that a medical examination which may exonerate police of torture  acts should be carried out.

The judge also made directions on the environment and atmosphere under which the medical examination should be carried out to be free from any security personnel who may inflict any form of intimidation to the suspects.

The suspects through renowned human rights lawyer Ladislus Rwakafuuzi filed an application seeking orders compelling the government to subject them to a medical examination for the injuries they allegedly sustained as a result of torture in custody.

​ The suspects claim they were arrested from their homes and unlawfully detained in military custody before being   transferred to Nalufenya police cells where torture acts intensified.

They contend that they have not received sufficient medical treatment for the wounds  sustained ,and that  those with broken legs have not been offered wheel chairs whereas  those whose sights  and hearing capacities were impaired have  not been attended  to at all.

The judge has ordered the parties to file written submissions and come back for judgement in this case on the 20th/September 2017.