Kaweesi murder suspect says police offered him Shs.1bn to pin Tumukunde

By Ruth Anderah

A suspect who says police offered him shs1 billion to pin Security Minister Henry Tumukunde in the Kaweesi murder case has dragged the Attorney General to Court over alleged torture.

Godfrey Musisi Galabuzi and four others are among the many suspects so far arrested in connection with the murder of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

They have dragged the Attorney General to the High Court over alleged torture by police personnel during their detention at Nalufenya police station in Jinja district.

Galabuzi claims that on the morning of 23rd March 2017 police from the Anti-Terrorism Unit commanded by Johnson Olal invaded his home and arrested him, his wife Grace Nankya and three of his workers and drove them to Nalufenya police cells.

The suspects claim they were promised huge sums of money, beaten up and asked to confess that they murdered Kaweesi.

They also claim they were sprayed with toxic gas which suffocated them and has since affected their sight.

Galabuzi says they spent 30 days in police custody at Nalufenya and that he was approached by one of the interrogators who promised him one billion shillings and freedom if he testified against minister Tumukunde, as the one who procured assassins to murder Kaweesi and police chief General Kale Kayihura; a deal he rejected.

The group is represented by Human Rights Lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi.

Court has given Attorney General 15 days within which to file his defence before the case is fixed for hearing.