kawala hospital status worrying

Officials at Kawaala health center have decried the acute shortage of health workers and limited resources at the health facility.

During a visit by the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, a senior nursing officer Teddy Nalwanga said they are overwhelmed by the number of patients which has put a huge strain on the hospital’s limited resources.

She says they receive over 6500 patients everyday yet they only have 84 medical personnel to attend to this number of patients.

The health center has only 9 beds in the maternity ward and yet over 20 women give birth on a daily basis leaving many of them to deliver on the hospital floor. This has also forced the health workers to discharge some new mothers prematurely to create space for other patients.

Other challenges identified include drug shortages.

Nalwanga says the health centre is allocated only Shs.7million per quarter, calling for more funding and manpower.

At the time of the Lord Mayor’s visit, the hospital had no electricity, paralyzing work in most units and leaving scores of patients unattended.