Katongole fights on

Singh Katongole is still fighting to retain the Rubaga North Parliamentary seat and has filed a formal appeal before the Supreme Court.

He is asking the Court to extend the time for his appeal and allow his petition against the High court ruling that saw him thrown out of Parliament heard.

This follows the decision taken by the Court of Appeal that saw his notice of appeal dismissed over failure to file it in within the required time.
Though Katongole he filed the notice of appeal in October last night, he did not file the actual appeal despite a 30 days requirement for the same.

Through his lawyers of Akampumuza, Bwambale, Musede and company advocates, he cites section 86 of the Parliamentary Elections Act, which provides the option of the Supreme Court in case one is dissatisfied with the decisions of the lower courts.
The Judiciary had announced that all election petitions would not be heard beyond the Court of Appeal.
The High Court nullified the election of Singh Katongole and ordered him to vacate the seat immediately and allow Moses Kasibante to take over.