Kasese leaders demand the release of the Mumbere before any dialogue

Leaders of Kasese district are demanding the government to first release the Mumbere of Rwezururu before going into any dialogue with the government.

Speaking during the prayers in Najjankumbi, the LOP Winnie Kizza says the government had invited all leader from Kasese for a dialogue but this can not happen in the absence of Mumbere.

He says government should release him and all the royal guards who were arrested before they go for the dialogue because they burnt his palace, undressed people and paraded them in public and killed his people.

She also reveled that they they are looking for finances to enable them take Museveni to ICC for the crimes he has committed in killings Ugandans.

She however condemned the killings and called upon all Ugandans to pray for the people of Kasese most especially those who have died and those undressed to regain their dignity