Kasambya police officer in trouble after beating civilian

A Police Officer Kasmabya is in trouble for beating up a civilian. The police man attached to Kasambya Police Post, Nabigasa Sub County in Rakai district is in trouble for beating up and injuring a civilian.

Paul Sseruwuge a policeman attached to Kasambya police post is wanted for reportedly beating and injuring a woman identified as Nabukirwa Pauline.

Nabukirwa’s trouble started when Sseruwuge and his colleague went to Nabukirwa’s home to arrest his brother indentified as Mathias Walakira for reportedly impregnating a minor.

According to Nabukirwa the policemen demanded for Mathias and after failing to get him they pounced on people that were at home at that time beating them up accusing them of hiding a criminal.

The Nabigasa A Village defense e secretary Musitafa Kalungi says that locals were attracted by alarms made by localswho suspected that their neighbours had been attacked by thieves but they were surprised to find out latter that they were police officers assaulting civilians.

He says that the cops were in plain clothes and did not have any identification documents to show that they were police officers. He says that Sseruwuge was too drunk by the time he came to conduct
the arrest adding that he could have been acting under the influence
of alcohol.

Noah Sserunjogi the Southern Region Police Spokesperson has confirmed the incident saying that police is hunting for Sseruwuge who went into hiding shortly after committing the offence.

Sserunjogi has condemned Sseruwuge’s actions saying that his case is going to be forwarded to the Professional Standard Unit (PSU) adding that he is likely to be charged with assault when police investigations are completed.