Karimojong youth ask government to increase the size of condoms

By Steven Ariong:

Youth in Karamoja have asked the ministry of health to ensure the manufacture and supply of condoms of all sizes so that they are not left out.

The youth made appeal during the HIV/Aids meeting held at Rupa gold mining site in Moroto district.

24 year old Simon Lokol one of the youth said the size of condoms that health officials are currently distributing to the people of Karamoja are short and very tight.

Lokol says this has forced many of the youth abandon the use of condoms, which exposes them to HIV infection.

Similar concerns have previously been raised by several youth in Napak, Nakapiripirit, Kotido and Amudat districts.

However, Dr. Ruise Ilukol the district health director Moroto says the condoms have a standard size that is meant to fit everyone, advising the youth to carefully follow instructions for use.

According to the ministry of health statistics, the current HIV/Aids prevalence in Karamoja region stands at 7.3%.

Health officials blame it on poor attitude by the Karimojong community towards use of condoms and abstinence.