Karamoja Jigger OutBreak Contained – Nakapiripirit Health Officials

The health officials in Nakapiripirit district of the Karamoja sub region in the have said the outbreak of jiggers that has hit the district has been put under control.

Speaking to daily monitor on Sunday in Nakapiripirit district Dr. John Anguzu the district health director said the situation has been put under control adding that the people who were nearly being deformed by jiggers were recovering.

He said the development follows a one month door to door hygiene and sanitation campaign that the district launched last month with the aim to get rid of fleas.

“Am glad to say we are managing the jigger’s situation because the communities have accepted to keep hygiene and sanitation in their homes,” he said.

The jigger out break had hit four sub counties of Namalu, Loregae, and Kakomongole and Nakapiripirit town council leaving at least 800 people nearly physically impaired.

According to Dr. Anguzu sharing houses with animals was the main cause of jigger outbreak in the district.

Jiggers are small chigoe fleas that live in the dust, and are found on the dirt floors in schools and the homes of many families in Uganda and other similar climates.

According to the health experts these parasitic insects cling to livestock and transfer jiggers into homes primarily in rural areas.

The female jiggers burrow into the surface of skin that has been exposed to the flea. Once embedded in the body, the jigger lays eggs and creates up to pea-size egg sacks and continues to multiply by
laying more eggs.

These wounds are painful, and cause difficulties for victims in daily activities such as walking, playing, and attending school. The infection can lead to severe inflammation, ulceration and fibrosis.

It can also cause lymphangitis, gangrene, sepsis, and the loss of toenails, amputation of the digits, and  death may also occur.

The LC3 chairperson of Namalu sub county Mr. Simon peter Lemukol also confirmed the jigger situation was improving in the community in his affected Namalu sub county but appealed other development partners to join in hands with the health team to continue sensitizing the communities about the importance of staying in a good environment.

“As leaders in the sub county, we are also sensitizing the community to accept to bath and clean their houses,” he said.