Kanyeihamba warns on caucuses

Retired Supreme Court judge Justice George Kanyeihamba has criticized caucuses of parties at Parliament, saying they stifle the MP’s rights to speak freely.

He was this morning speaking at a post-election seminar for Members of Parliament.

Presenting a paper on multi-party politics in Uganda, Kanyeihamba said the caucuses gag MPs whose responsibility is to serve the people’s interests and not the political parties.

He says it’s a matter that the 9th parliament must resolve so the MPs can stand up to be counted for championing the people’s interests.

Kanyeihamba also proposes that in the spirit of multi-party politics, it would have been a good gesture to have the Deputy Speaker of Parliament drawn from the opposition.

He adds that the opposition political parties should be given space to participate in the spirit of nationalism since the ruling NRM has the majority MPs in Parliament.

Story by Olive Eyotaru